What's Inside

Solve today's toughest job hunting problems. Start with 12 tips on how to improve your resume. Expect step-by-step, job interview help.

Learn the exact phrases to use when talking about salary. Discover how to follow-up after an interview so you don't become a "job stalker."


Order your copy of the book. Get started. No more cover letters.

Chapter 1. Anyone Can Do This, but Everyone Won't
Identify the decision-maker, earn your way into an interview, then follow up using relevant and frequent contact. It's harder than it sounds.
      Read a true success story about a student just like you
      Get three tips on how to impress on-campus recruiters
      Listen to a little encouragement for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the job search process

Chapter 2. The New Do’s and Don’ts
Don’t start with HR; don't use online job sites; don’t write cover letters.
      Why starting your search with Human Resources won't work
      Seven "digital" reminders - from e-mail tips to registering the URL containing your name

Chapter 3. Keep an Open Mind
The client-side and media industry offer overlooked opportunities.
      Here is the 4-step process to use instead of writing cover letters
      Some practical examples widen your job search horizons
      Why job searching on the client-side and in the media is a smart move

Chapter 4. Remember to Remember
Applied background research, a professional network and a focused approach are key to Your Plan.
      Discover the secret of online research, and how it turns you into a powerful job candidate
      Avoid the four most dangerous job hunting "sand traps"

Chapter 5. Katiescope
Inspect your accomplishments using a new perspective, focus your job-hunting efforts and sweep away the mist surrounding job descriptions.
      How to inspect your resume from the interviewer's point of view
      Why quantifying accomplishments sets your resume apart
      Seven detailed and specific, online research steps that will fuel your job search
      Why reading 50 online job descriptions pays you big dividends
      Learn ways connect the dots between your resume and a job description
      How to write your "unique selling point," that is, why someone should considering hire you

Chapter 6. Greg Audit
How to distinguish your accomplishments using someone else’s words.
      Identify the person whose input allows you rewrite your resume so you don't sound like everyone else
      Learn the simple, yet challenging, way to accomplish this critical step

Chapter 7. Dream
Permission to dream — plant the seeds now to rebalance your life in five years.
      How to make a list that helps shape your future
      Learn the one rule you must follow when creating this list

Chapter 8. Modular Resumé
The focal point for Your Plan is a modular resumé. It’s a one-page ad with one objective.
      Pick up 12 different resume writing tips, with specific examples and language you can put to use now
      How to write a statement of objectives, then why you shouldn't write one
      Using your resume to demonstrate your command of advertising and public relations
      Learn what really happens to your resume once it gets into the interviewer's hands

Chapter 9. New Rules
Only the decision-maker counts, "information only" interviews aren’t and applied background research makes you an interesting job candidate.
      Learn five things to do in the 15 minutes before your interview starts
      Find out how to avoid being perceived as a "job stalker"
      Read an example conversation illustrating what to say at the end of an interview

Chapter 10. Getting One Interview
The scariest part of Your Plan is achievable once you understand how to build a network. Lots of examples give you a quick start.
      Discover how to turn an "information only" interview into 15 minutes focused on you
      How to get your first interview
      Find out why face-to-face meetings work
      Get six networking tips your competition doesn't know about
      Read 10 examples of how to get your network started
      Eavesdrop on an actual conversation between a network contact and someone who was hiring

Chapter 11. Learn the Dance
Surprise! The Top 10 Questions asked in interviews don’t matter and neither do your answers.
      Learn the 6-step process which turns a "Top 10 Interview Question" to your advantage
      Read an example of how one job candidate did exactly that
      Uncover ways to use your online research to introduce your strengths into the interview

Chapter 12. 10 Diplomatic, Devious, Diverting Questions
Your Top 10 Questions do matter — here’s how to create questions that work for you and a sample conversation to illustrate the process.
      How to prepare the questions to ask when an interviewer says, "Do you have any questions for me?"
      Three example questions to get you started
      How these questions shape your follow-up strategy

Chapter 13. Interview Mechanics
How to talk about salary specifics during an interview and why there are more important things to talk about. What to do if you get a verbal job offer.
      Five key phrases you need to start the salary conversation with an interviewer
      Four smart ways to respond to a verbal job offer
      Six examples of questions interviewers ask to throw you off balance, and how you should respond
      Why asking, "May I stay in touch with you?" is vital to your success after the interview

Chapter 14. Frequency Works
Keep the interview conversation going by providing the decision-maker with relevant content. Never fall into the job stalker category.
      Learn to leverage all of the applied research you did in preparation for the interview
      Find 12 ideas on what to send your interviewer during you follow-up efforts
      How to decide what's relevant to send, and what's not
      Here's an example of a follow-up timetable
      Get some smart advice on how to double-leverage your applied research
      Powerful advice from an industry expert on how to "ask for the job"
      When to stop following up

Chapter 15. The Beginning
There are five powerful reasons Your Plan will work. What are you waiting on?
      Five things separate this book from other job hunting books --- read them here
      How to give back to others, after you land your job