What's Inside

This quick reading, 122-page book is packed with specific tips and concrete examples containing key phrases you need to know. You can easily read the whole book in four hours.


Here's a glimpse. Read the expanded version for the detailed help you'll find in each chapter.

Chapter 1. Anyone Can Do This, but Everyone Won't
Identify the decision-maker, earn your way into an interview, then follow up using relevant and frequent contact. It's harder than it sounds.

Chapter 2. The New Do’s and Don’ts
Don’t start with HR; don't use online job sites; don’t write cover letters.

Chapter 3. Keep an Open Mind
The client-side and media industry offer overlooked opportunities.

Chapter 4. Remember to Remember
Applied background research, a professional network and a focused approach are key to Your Plan.

Chapter 5. Katiescope
Inspect your accomplishments using a new perspective, focus your job-hunting efforts and sweep away the mist surrounding job descriptions.

Chapter 6. Greg Audit
How to distinguish your accomplishments using someone else’s words.

Chapter 7. Dream
Permission to dream — plant the seeds now to rebalance your life in five years.

Chapter 8. Modular Resumé
The focal point for Your Plan is a modular resumé. It’s a one-page ad with one objective.

Chapter 9. New Rules
Only the decision-maker counts, "information only" interviews aren’t and applied background research makes you an interesting job candidate.

Chapter 10. Getting One Interview
The scariest part of Your Plan is achievable once you understand how to build a network. Lots of examples give you a quick start.

Chapter 11. Learn the Dance
Surprise! The Top 10 Questions asked in interviews don’t matter and neither do your answers.

Chapter 12. 10 Diplomatic, Devious, Diverting Questions
Your Top 10 Questions do matter — here’s how to create questions that work for you and a sample conversation to illustrate the process.

Chapter 13. Interview Mechanics
How to talk about salary specifics during an interview and why there are more important things to talk about. What to do if you get a verbal job offer.

Chapter 14. Frequency Works
Keep the interview conversation going by providing the decision-maker with relevant content. Never fall into the job stalker category.

Chapter 15. The Beginning
There are five powerful reasons Your Plan will work. What are you waiting on?